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Making a difference in our Community

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One In Four

Through a chance meeting, our paths crossed with One in Four and we haven’t looked back since. Whilst we are forever grateful that we have access to the opportunities available here in Australia, we acknowledge that many people in other parts of the world are less fortunate. Charities such as One in Four are determined to bring better opportunities to children living in poverty and assist by bringing education to more people in Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and PNG.

Lack of school supplies is a major pain point for many schools trying to educate the next generation of leaders, so by providing educational material to children in these war torn and violent areas, we are helping them envision a better future, inspiring them to dream big, and unlock greater potential for change.

Our efforts with One in Four will continue to contribute and help with financing these possibilities. A recent project has been to fit out a sea shipping container as a library and then sending to Sudan, where the community will be able to visit and provide study and learning outcomes with books and resources. This is such a massive achievement and is now being replicated for Papua New Guinea.

One In Four Children
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Women’s Legal Service QLD

As huge advocates for change and equality, we are incredibly passional about providing assistance to women who have found themselves in a less fortunate position through violence, struggle or other social injustices.

Women’s Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ) exists to provide assistance to vulnerable and disadvantaged people who are seeking assistance, or have nowhere else to turn, after all other attempts for legal assistance have failed. Like WLSQ, we are committed to having a society in which every woman:

  • can live free from violence and discrimination
  • can be heard and respected without judgement
  • receives a just and equitable outcome from legal and social systems

Racecourse Road Dental and Orthodontics will continue supporting the work of WLSQ in changing the lives of women in our community.

Women's Legal Service
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Nakuru Hope

Nakuru is located 160 km north west of Nairobi and is the fourth largest urban centre in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombassa and Kisumu. Just 4km away from the main town in Nakuru, in a slum area known as Kaptembwa, a community of over 200,000 people live in the poorest conditions imaginable without food, clean drinking water or sanitation.

Nakuru Hope’s Gabriel Learning Centre and Orphanage makes a huge impact to those children who have been abandoned or orphaned by freely providing education, housing and medical help and refuge, but most importantly, the chance for boys and girls to grow up in a safe family environment.

What started out in 2008 as a school in a rental property to teach women a skill to trade off in exchange for sending their own children to school, Nakuru Hope now owns their own land with a school, orphanage and a volunteer home, open for people come to offer themselves to make a difference.

Australian owned and operated, and voluntarily administered by an Australian Board of Directors, all donations to the charity are 100% guaranteed to be used to their maximum potential in building a promising future of this community.

Nakuru Hope

School Donations

As well as larger charities, we like to support our local community and give back closer to home. We do this by supporting local community schools in a variety of ways.

Think we could help make a difference and would you like us to support your charity or cause?


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